Protest at the Slovak branch of ALSTOM in Bratislava

On Thursday 25th April, members of Priama akcia and other activists supported the struggle of the Spanish workers against the plan of ALSTOM to close three factories and lay off nearly 400 people. Although we were not lucky to meet with the management in the Bratislava Alstom branch (allegedly they were too busy...), we handed over a protest letter and said to the receptionist that we demand that the company informs the headquarters in France about our visit. We also added that we would further monitor the conflict and if it didn’t get resolved, we would continue with protest and information activities.

The company wants to close the factories, despite good economic results. All three factories are located in regions with above-average unemployment rate, which according to the latest information reached 27.2 % of the economically active population in Spain.

The protest action of Priama akcia is part of the international campaign which was joined by the IWA sections in France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Russia and Slovakia. The campaign was initiated by members of the CNT-Zamora union who are employed in the Alstom factory in a nearby town of Coreses.

If you want to express support, you can send a protest e-mail to the French CEO Patrick Kron. To do so, simply click here (if you want to send it as an individual) or here (if you want to send it on behalf of an organization). The content can be edited.

Solidarity with Alstom workers!
Priama akcia

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