VI Congress of ZSP

On March 23 the ZSP held its 6 Congress in Warsaw. The Congress focused on concrete proposals related to national and international issues. Among the decisions taken at the Congress were on texts for new brochures about ZSP, for the general public and for people who would like to join. A new system for approving Sections and local contacts who want to join was also adopted.

There was talk about the need to coordinate better in branches and about how to do this also on the international level. The new section of health care workers also expressed interest in possibly organizing
an international meeting.

We spoke of actions related to mass unemployment, layoff and cuts and will coordinate something around the IWA day of action. It was decided to make different texts and leaflets related to job loss in certain companies and industries.

Besides these and a few other matters, ZSP discussed some international issues, including proposals for the next IWA Congress.

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