Strike at EULEN/ABB Comes to an End

The Labour Court Nr. 1 of Córdoba has recently ruled against the claim of infringement of the right to strike filed by the workers in the labour dispute against ABB, ADECCO and EULEN, thus putting an end to the strike held since November 28th, 2011.

The workers' aim was to extend the strike against ABB as they understood that -by engaging the services of ADECCO to perform the strikers' tasks- ABB was only trying to break the strike and ignore the workers' demands.

However, the Court did not share this view. Instead it trusted the testimony of the managers, without considering the strong arguments of the striking workers and the fact that the company's long history of labour disputes was the reason why ADECCO's services were hired . The Court also disregarded the company's clear actions which constitute a violation of the right to strike, such as forbidding the Strike Committee members to access its premises, limiting their activities and hiring strikebreakers, all this being documented by the Labour Inspectorate.

Even though this verdict will be appealed, it nevertheless puts an end to the strike carried out during almost 100 days by the workers of EULEN for ABB.

Despite all odds and relying on the solidarity and mutual support of many unions around the world, the workers will continue their struggle against these three multinationals. At the moment, they await the next trial, where they call for the nullification of the layoffs and the recognition of illegal assignment of workers between EULEN and ABB, and a subrogation between EULEN and ADECCO EUROCEN. The hearing will take place on May 8th.

The workers wish to thank for all the solidarity actions carried out in Spain and around the world and for the money donated to the strike fund.

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