Action in Bratislava in support of ZSP member sacked from Roche Polska

Today, Priama akcia-Bratislava organized a protest visit to two branches of Roche in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was the third day of March solidarity activities called by ZSP in support of their sacked member Jakub. During all three days we informed about the development of the struggle and provided people with an easy way to send protest e-mails via web. We also sent faxes to Roche branches in Poland, Switzerland and Slovakia.

The first of the two visits today was at the headquarters. One of the two workers at the reception told us that no one from the management is present at the premises, which was most probably true. She already knew about the case. Our members and other supporters of Jakub’s struggle handed in protest letters and requested that the branch in Poland and the headquarters in Switzerland be informed about this action. We were asked a funny question: whether we plan to protest in Poland. We said that the ZSP, the initiator organization of the campaign, is taking care of it there. The worker tried to continue in the same logic with a question related protests organized at Roche Switzerland, to which one of us said: “We have friends there, too.” In the end, we stressed that we expect an answer to our demands, since Roche has been ignoring faxes and e-mails, and we promised to come back if we don’t hear from them.

Next, we visited the second Roche branch located nearby (Roche Diagnostics Division Ltd.). There, we also handed in protest letters, and asked for a response to the demands.

Priama akcia – Bratislava

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