USIS-AIT National Federation statement about occupied Kilkis Hospital

The National Federation USIS - AIT (Health Care workers) expresses its full solidarity and full support to the struggle of workers and colleagues at the hospital in Kilkis. The statement released by the assembly of workers is the highest expression of selfmanagement in the workplace and as USIS will support strongly their struggle. Workers at the General Hospital are responding to fascism of the government occupying their public hospital and placing it under their direct and complete control. As USIS we also want to emphasize that the Greek government is not fulfilling its financial obligations to the hospital, so the workers will be forced to denounce all relevant authorities to public opinion. However, if their demands are not met, they will address the municipalities, to the local communities
an so forth, to get support of any kind to help their efforts to save the hospital and protect
public health, to overthrow the government and any neo-liberal policy.

In these days thanks to the appeal of unions Greek people's struggle has intensified again. Thousands of people flock to the streets to demonstrate against the new austerity measures decided by the government. Thousands of people who strongly oppose against dismissal in the civil service, against the cut in the minimum wage and against the reduction of pensions. Workers and the greek people, and especially the colleagues of Kilkis, a true example of the current struggle against the powers of European banking, are demonstrating against the real savagery of capitalism there is no other solution than self-management of
the means of production and society.

Florence, 8th February 2012

On behalf of USIS-AIT
Corrado Lusi – Careggi Hospital, Florence, Italy

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