Solidarity with our Comrades in Struggle in ABB Cordoba

In Cordoba (Spain), the comrades of the CNT have been on strike for months against the attacks against their battle-hardened group operating in the electronics group ABB. As  employees of a subcontractor, they demand the same rights as the regular employees at ABB. The CNT therefore called an international day of action on 17 February, which also the FAU also took part in.ABB's strategy is to replace the outsourcing company EULEN, where the workers are employed officially, by the staffing company Adecco, and thus throw out the unwanted employee. As of 31.12. many of the comrades have been thrown out into the street. A  trial is underway which will decide on the lawfulness of the layoffs.


ADECCO is active as strike-breakers!

The electronics group ABB in Cordoba (Spain) is trying to get rid of a militant group,  the CNT union at the factory, through the back door to get rid of. The employment agency Adecco is on hand to help with this.

Class struggle in ABB management against the workers

Since 28 November 2011employees of the Swiss in the electronics group ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) in Cordoba have been on strike. That's two months with demonstrations and pickets around the clock. For two months, the fighting spirit of the workforce meant that their will to continue to fight for their jobs could not be broken.

Therefore ABB seached for another way to get rid of the strikers, including a militant group of the Spanish trade union CNT. Since these are employed by the temp agency EULEN,  ABB tried to push its line simply by changing the "provider".  The staffing company Adecco seems only too happy to step in and help.

On 12 December 2011, the first twelve colleagues were thrown into the street. Conveniently, this was almost the entire strike committee. Shortly afterwards, on 15 January 2012, the rest of the strikers were terminated. In February, a trial began in which the legal "legitimacy" of the layoffs will be clarified.

The misery of the agency: from precariousness to the strike-breaking

"Personnel services" such as ADECCO are instrumental in deteriorating working conditions, wage levels and cohesion of the workforce. Agency staff are often faced with low pay, irregular working hours, changing locations and partially practiced illegal wage deductions and thus are part of the ever-growing part of the highly precarious world of work. The winners here are mainly personnel service companies that can pay for their services well. But apparently not enough: Adecco, one of the industry leaders is rising, now also in the business of strike breaking.

What the boardrooms of the world fear: our solidarity

If the workers in Cordoba (Spain) win their struggle against the management of ABB, a multinational player with over 100 locations, this would be a victory not only for the affected, but a ray of hope for all wage earners around the world - including Germany.

It takes a certain courage against the exploitative methods of the employer's own fight. It is easier when you unite with colleagues and militant trade unionists. Because together we are strong! Whether employed on a permanent, temporary or loan basis, we are the ones who keep production going. Without us nothing works! If we stick together we can win too!

Solidarity with the strikers in Cordoba (Spain)!
Reinstatement of the dismissed comrade at ABB!
We condemn the use of strikebreakers by ADECCO !

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