Solidarity Picket at Adecco in Ghent (International Day of Solidarity with the Striking ABB Workers)

Some people from AK Ghent and the Vrije Bond organized a solidarity picket outside the doors of Adecco in Ghent this morning. This was part of the international day of action, called by the CNT in Spain, against Adecco and Eulen in solidarity with the striking workers of ABB in Cordoba. The workers of ABB have been on strike since 28 November. During the solidarity picket, we got mostly positive reactions from passers-by and distributed a hundred or more fliers information about the situation with the strike and the solidarity picket at ABB. An Adecco employee came out and asked for more explanation. A member of the staff asked to stop the action, given that this constituted bad publicity for them. The people at the picket of course refused and this certainly gave an additional impetus to the action.
In the words of Solfed, who also participated in many solidarity pickets, "
Employment agencies have exploited us long enough. A win for workers at ABB, a giant multinational that operates in over 100 countries, will not only improve working conditions for Spanish workers, it will let employment agencies like ADECCO know that workers are willing to fight back against their unscrupulous practices."

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