Hamburg: Temp Agency Adecco sends Strikebreakers

On February 17, the Free Workers' Union in Hamburg protest at the office of Adecco on Hamburg Town Hall Street against the hiring of temporary workers as scabs at EULEN ABB in Cordoba (Spain). The action was part of an international day of action against this strike-breaking and in support of our striking comrades in their fight against their unacceptable situation as outsourced workers. 34 workers from the service management company, EULEN, which for years have been working for the Spanish machine manufacturer ABB (Cordoba), have been on an indefinite strike for equal pay since November 11, 2011. Although they carry out the same work as their peers have had, they only receive the minimum and they have fewer rights granted.
ABB stopped the agreement with EULEN and hired new temporary workers from Eurocen / ADECCO as cheap scaps. EULEN dismissed the members of the strike committee and all union members among the strikers. In Spain, the strikers are supported by the CNT and CGT unions.

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