[Cordoba] The CNT Wins the Change of the Collective Agreement and the Reinstatement of a Dismissed Comrade in EULEN

CNT has won the change of the agreement it had been fighting for in the EULEN contract in COSMOS. In this contract, as in many others, EULEN had applied an agreement that did not correspond at all to the activities performed by the workers. In this case the members of the CNT were loading and unloading trucks at the cement factory, while they were subject to the agreement for cleaning buildings.
Following the organization of the union section of CNT, they demanded the implementation of an agreement for cement or construction, better suited to the tasks performed, with both salaries and working conditions well above those in the cleaning industry. They raised the demands and complained  to the labour inspectorate, also noting violations in the prevention of occupational hazards.

Finally EULEN, given the obvious illegality of his labor policy and the possibility of a conflict with the union, decided to implement the collective agreement for construction, and a policy of bonuses set to the service provided (shift work, night work and availability).

However, CNT continues to claim arrears for comrades who have retired, and improvements in the prevention of occupational hazards.

Moreover, with the EULEN contract at ABB, CNT has won the reinstatement of a comrade working in cleaning, dismissed by EULEN with impunity, when they had a replacement contract that CNT considered to be an evasion of the law.

The worker has been reinstated on a permanent contract showing that the CNT unions, which continue to grow, are the best protection for workers in this company.

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