ZSP Speaks out Against Union Repression

ZSP sent messages of solidarity and press statements today concerning the case of union repression at the PKS Suwalki bus company. Although the case does not relate directly to ZSP, we showed our solidarity with militant independent unionists singled out for repression. ZSP pointed out the methods the bosses use to scare workers and isolate smaller militant unions. In recent months it has been calling for greater coordination between such small unions, to fight future repression and to create a more militant, class-oriented unionism. In a separate message to bus drivers, it pointed out that those workers who sat quietly and followed the lead of the concessionist unions have had to pay the greatest cost and explained the methods the  bosses use to divide workers and weaken their struggles. ZSP criticizes the state's and the businesses ' attitude towards public transport and calls for social control instead, with workers' self-management. In the past, it has criticized both capitalist worker-management shareholder schemes, and communalization, presented to workers as the only forms of alternatives to privatization of bus companies. These criticisms were widely read and generated much debate amongst active workers and unionists in these companies.

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