A press release in support of comrades in Spain and Poland

CNT-AIT 63 brings its whole support to the general strikes which will take place, on Wednesday the 29th of September, in Spain and in Poland. In Spain, it's against the labour reform, by the socialist government,which generalize insecure contracts, make dismissals easier, and increase time-slot flexibility in factories. In Poland, it's against the coming austerity.

But in these two countries,institutionnal unions (UGT, CCOO, and maybe CGT to come in Spain; OPZZ and Solidarnosc in Poland) are already negotiating. Situation is the same as in France, and, in the end, as everywhere.

Member of the International Workers Association as a whole, we praise the work done by Spanish (CNT-AIT) and Polish (ZSP-AIT) sections. In Spain, CNT-AIT is organizing demonstrations for weeks, on the way to prepare for widespread strike. In Poland, ZSP-AIT is preparing to try and organize strikers outside political parties and institutionnal unions, for general strike.

We are calling everyone to resist, to get out of the organizations linked to Capital and the State. The global crisis of capitalism increases even more the number of deaths, jobeless, homeless people... time has come, more than ever, to put an end to this murdering system, and to its hystorical relative, the State. And so we join Spanish and Polish IWA activists in their struggle, which is the same as ours.

Long Live Autonomous and Popular Resistance. Long Live class war. Long Live the IWA.

For Libertarian Communism, thru Anarchosyndicalism.

                                                                                                                                 General Meeting of CNT-AIT Clermont Ferrand

"En avant contre le fascisme, frère jumeau du capitalisme. Ni l'un ni l'autre ne se discutent, ils se détruisent !" B. Durruti

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