Danger! The Pope is Coming !

The CNT-AIT Madrid continues its campaign against the visit of the Pope.

As we approach next month's visit of the ugly figurehead of the pope, the CNT-AIT in Madrid has called for  apostasy. Apostasy, as many know, is the total renunciation of faith that one expresses at some point in their lives. In some countries of southern Europe,  the practice of imposed baptism still has deep roots. This sacrament by which one "becomes" a member of the Roman Catholic Church, is done without being able to decide, which is why baptism is usually done at an early age.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church puts many obstacles in the way of the declaration of apostasy. Of course there was a time when the Church burned heretics, excommunicated the most recalcitrant sinners, and so on. Now we heretics, atheists, enemies of God, agnostics, homosexuals, free thinkers ... we must insist strenuously to be removed from the very unholy Roman Catholic Church.

We cannot end this statement, without providing the necessary documentation for apostasy. It is recommended that you read the following page of the Union of Atheists and Freethinkers containing relevant information and details on the process of apostasy.


CNT-AIT Madrid



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